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  Craig T.  Vonder Osten , Athletic Director

Since its inception over 15 years ago, our sports program has grown dramatically. Our teams are highly regarded throughout North Jersey thanks to the efforts of our coaches, players and parents who commit their time and energy to our high standards of respect, discipline, hard work and good sportsmanship. The program currently includes basketball. volleyball, and karate.  

Basketball (Mr.Vonder Osten)

Our championship basketball program strives to improve player skills thru weekly practices and games. Last year, Transfiguration's basketball program fielded 10 teams, the most in the program's history. Open to our students and to members of St. John’s CCD program, our boys and girls basketball teams draws players from grades 3-8.

Founded in September of 2016, Transfiguration Academy offers volleyball for girls.  The program has grown since its inception, with the school now sponsoring both JV and Varsity teams.  The Volleyball program is open to girls in grades 4-8 who attend either Transfiguration Academy or St. John’s CCD Program.

The karate program was founded by Bret Paton, a Transfiguration educator, who volunteered countless hours to teaching the valuable principles and skills karate requires before he passed away several years ago. The program continues and offers students a forum for learning balance, coordination, focus, self-discipline, and respect.