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Third Grade
Mrs. Tate Home
Math Corner
Welcome to Third Grade
Work on take home packets and book reports on Third Grade Angels
Pick up of additional workbooks starting next Monday 3/23
Please drop off book reports on Third Grade Angels
Tuesday 3/17
Go to grades 3-5.  Choose an article from Day 1 and write a paragraph about it (Main idea- what is the article mainly about?, detail, detail, detail, conclusion)
Math- please practice multiplication and division on IXL for 30 minutes
watch video
Progress in Mathematics page 260
page 261 do numbers 4-11
Wednesday 3/18
Reading: Day 2 section
Read Fiction:  "A Clean Start" 
Answer:  How does the main character, Max, change in this story?  Please use details.
Spelling:  Use your list to do rainbow words and wiggly words
Math- use a ruler to measure 5 items in your home.  List them and write the measurement in inches
IXL for 20 minutes
Science:  Read pages B64 and B65 (The Reason for Seasons)
Terms to know: Equator, Seasons
Look at page B64 and put your finger on the Equator.  Notice that this imaginary line splits the Earth into two parts.  The top half is the Northern Hemisphere and the bottom is the Southern Hemisphere.
After reading:
Answer: 1.Why do you think it is cooler where the sun's rays are spread out farther as they hit the ground?
2.Look at the drawing on page B65.  What part represents the whole season of summer in the Northern Hemisphere?
ELA: Review adjectives (describe nouns)
Read page 414 in Voyages Textbook and do page 415, numbers 1-8
Reading:  Day 3 
Read: "Cats or Dogs?"
Then answer:
1.  Do more American homes own cats or dogs as pets?
2.  What are 3 reasons cat lovers think cats are the best pets?
3.  What do dog owners argue?
4.  What's your opinion?  Do cats or dogs make better pets?  Why?
Fun!  Go to the bottom and find the Continuing the Learning Journey box.  The second bullet has a link to take the quiz.  What animal are you?  I got that I am a Cat!  
Math:  Foot, Yard and Mile
Watch the video
Read page 262 in textbook
Complete 1-7 (starts on page 262 and continues to page 263)
Voyages Textbook page 422 (Adjectives that compare)
Comparing two nouns (people, places, or things) use -er
Comparing three or more nouns use -est
Short, shorter, shortest
Johnny is short.
Johnny is shorter than Michael.
Johnny is the shortest student in class.
Page 423, numbers 1-6
We are transitioning to Google Classroom.  If you have not done so already,
please join my class.  Use the username and password sent to you to login to Google Suite and find the classroom button, click on it. Once you are in, click the plus sign to join a class and add my code I emailed to your parents.
Read an article from Scholastic Day 4 or Day 5
Try doing this part in Google Classroom
open google doc and type your NAME/Reading and today's date 3/20
 Title of Article:
Write 3 Facts you learned about __(list the topic here)_____________________.
What was the most interesting thing you learned?
Then make sure you click "turn in" so I see it.  
Good luck!