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Reading Homework Grades 5-8
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Grade 8:      PLEASE USE GOOGLECLASS ROOM for book notes and questions for

                     ALL of 8th Grade..Remember reading is not broken up into A and B.

                     hxbrryl:  password for Google Classroom.


                     Many Book Notes assignments were not posted on MARCH 16!! Type your

                    reading questions on Google classroom:    hxbrryl

Book Notes                         Google Classroom                                       Due:    Mar. 16       Monday   

"Too Soon a Woman"          p 546   q. 2-8                      p. 552               Due:   March 17     Tuesday

Vocabulary, unit 12              vocabulary workbook         pps 148-155     Due:    March 18     Wednesday

"The Deserter"                     p. 587   q.1-8                       p. 598             Due:    March  19     Thursday

FRIDAY,  March 20              Independent Reading         Continue Reading at least one hour

MONDAY, March 23            Vocabulary workbook      9-12 CH. REVIEW  pages     Mar. 23  Monday

TUESDAY, March 24          Independent Reading                                                     Mar. 24  Tuesday

WEDNESDAY, March 25    Google Classroom          Book Notes--                 Mar. 25   Wednesday

THURSDAY,   March 26      Vocabulary workbook     Begin ch. 13,  Ant./Syn, Choose Right Word   Mar. 26

FRIDAY,         Mar. 27        Finish Book,  Google Classroom:   Reaction           Mar. 27   Friday

                                          Two paragraphs giving personal reaction with supporting details

                                          Full Book Report/Review/Analysis is due Thursday,               Apr. 2

Monday,      Mar.  30         Finish Vocab. unit 13 and work on book report                        Mar. 30

Tuesday,     Mar. 31          Internet: "To Build a Fire" , Jack London,   read story             Mar. 31

Wednesday  Apr. 1          Google Classroom    Quests. on "To Build a Fire" (will post)    Apr. 1

Thursday    Apr.  2           Google Classroom    Book Report on Independent reading      Apr. 2

Friday        Apr.  3            Google Classroom    Vocabulary Review  (will be posted)         Apr. 3


**Independent Reading:   Continue reading and submitting book notes as specified on printed sheet

given to you March 6    Book Notes Due:  Third Notes, Mar. 16, Fourth Notes, Mar. 25  Final Notes are

                                      due on March 25


Grade 7A,B   Reading:        "Antaeus" p. 468-478        Read story and finish by            March 16

                                                                                 --   quests. 1, 2, 5, 6                        March 17                      

                       Vocabulary:          un. 12 workbook pages, entire unit                               March 18

                       Reading:              "Amigo Brothers" p. 245-253 quests. 1-7 p. 254            March  19 

                                                     IXL      start working on: A,B,C.D,F,G,H         begin     March   20

                       Read.           "Survive Savage Sea" p. 445-456 quests. 5,6,7 p. 457   March 23


                  Many of you have not submitted anything.  All work belongs there.



                       All questions on: Antaeus, Amigo Brothers and Survive the Savage Sea should

                       be typed into Google Classroom.  Please incorporate the question into your 

                       answer; do not just type the answer.   Please:   Do Not Send the Vocabulary

                      workbook pages for unit 12, and unit 10-12 Review to my e mail at this time!

                      7B:   The assignment is there!!!!    q7fllah:  google classroom


                       Vocabulary:  Unit 12 p. 148-155      Vocab. Review un 10-12 pps. 156-163      Mar. 24

                       IXL:  Language Arts        A, B, C, D, F, G, H                                                        Mar. 25

                      Reading:         Google Classroom    Write a three paragraph essay on: "Amigo Brothers"

                                              discuss:  what makes a good friendship, and how competition affects a

                                            relationship and how you would react in a similar situation competing in

                                            some event with a close friend. Also in the last paragraph discuss the way

                                            the story ended and how you felt about this "open ended" story.      Mar. 27

                    Reading:  Friday:  Finish Vocabulary Review and work on IXL                                 Mar. 26

                    Google Classroom:  7A:  yhy2dd4


GRADE 5:     Do test on "Leonardo's Horse"  Mon., March 16

                     Reading Text: "Red Kayak" pps. 26-41, Tuesday  March 17

                                            "Red Kayak" questions p. 42, q. 1-5,   Wednesday   March 18

                                            Vocabulary Workbook pages:  124-129   Work on this Thursday  March 19

                                            Finish on Friday, March 20th     Then work on IXL:  A,B, C, D, F, G, H

                                            Read for the READING CONTEST, personal book  March 20, 21, 22

                                           Google Classroom:  5k7igcm

    All Work for week of March 23, which is listed below, should not be submitted before          March 23 And only on Google Classroom


               Reading Text:  pps. 290-291  Take Notes in your notebook on  author's purpose              Mar 23

                 Reading text:  read p. 293 and define words in notebook, not googleclassroom               Mar 23

               Mar. 23 is notebook work:  Do not submit in google classroom.  I will check notebooks later

                Reading:    "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" pp. 294-307  read story, type quests in google

                                   classroom in   complete sentences     Quests. 2,3,4,5                                           Mar 24


                               *****   Remember to read your independent books for the Easter Reading Contest


                    Wed: There will be questions on google classroom, please type answers.   These

                    Questions  are on  Paul Revere's Ride and  may be counted as a test, so do them well.   Mar 25                         

                      Thursday:  Read your independent book and/ work on IXL                                         Mar 26

                    Friday :   Write an essay in google class on the book you are reading: give the setting, 

                                 chracters and conflicts and  describe one event.  In the second paragraph explain

                                  how you feel about the book.  Is it a good book?  Why or why not                      Mar 27


 GRADE 6:     Do test on: "Boy in Striped Pajamas"                     Monday            Mar. 16

                                         "Juan Verdades" q. 1-5 p. 440, IXL     Tuesday           Mar. 17

                                         "Juan Verdades" Test                         Wednesday      Mar 18

                                          Vocabulary unit 12                             Thursday          Mar  19

                                          Vocabulary Review                            Friday               Mar  20

                                          IXL    try to do several times a week           A, B, C, D, F, G, H

                                          Google Classroom:  xveglhh

Next Week Assignments:  

   Read:   pps. 82-84 then DEFINE words, p. 85, DEFINE, p 86, realistic fiction,   Mon-  Mar 23

               read story: "Viva New Jersey"  pps. 87-98                                               Tues-  Mar 24

               TYPE IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  Q 1-5, p. 100                                       Wed - Mar 25

               Work on IXL and finish any vocabulary from units 9-12 Review            Thurs-Mar 26

              Type in answers to test on google classroom for:  Viva New Jersey        Friday-Mar 27


******Attention All Classes:  Please read the message below.  

ALL WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  No more emails, they will not be