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The following questions and answers are meant to provide parents with a brief overview to some of the commonly asked questions about Transfiguration Academy . For more detailed information, please refer to the school handbook.

  1. Is your Kindergarten a full day program?
  2. Do you have a dress code?
  3. How extensive is your Computer program?
  4. What is your Tuition?
  5. What are your School Policies?
  6. Can you recommend on-line educational resources?

Is your Kindergarten a full day program? 

Full Day Kindergarten

At Transfiguration Academy our full day kindergarten program is designed to nurture the social, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child. Our Kindergarten curriculum includes Religion, Reading Readiness, Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Health, Science, Social Studies, Story-time, Gym, Art, Music, Computer, and Library.

Do you have a dress code? 


All students are expected to be in full dress uniform at all times during the school day. The uniforms can be purchased through our official Uniform Supplier, Flynn & O'Hara Uniforms, Emerson Plaza (Shop Rite Shopping Center), 473 Old Hook Rd., Emerson, NJ. The store phone number is 201-634-0111.They are the sole retail distributor authorized to take orders for Transfiguration Academy uniforms. No local store can or will supply our uniforms. If a student is not in proper uniform he/she will be issued a DETENTION FORM.

Visit to view the uniform options. Note that there are seasonal choices as well as a gym uniform.

Proper school shoes should be worn by both girls and boys. We do not have a supplier, but we strongly recommend a comfortable dark shoe (black or blue). No heels, clogs, boots, sandals, sneakers, or fad shoes are acceptable. All children in ALL grades are required to wear TIE or BUCKLE shoes. This regulation will be strictly enforced .


What is your Tuition? 

For information about 2019/20 tuition rates, please download:

What are your School Policies?

The Student and Parent handbook acts as a guide to student life and responsibility at Transfiguration Academy. Please download and review the content as it offers important information on School policies.

Download handbook  .

How extensive is your Computer program? 

Transfiguration Academy's State-of-the-Art Computer Lab

Transfiguration Academy endeavors to acquire the latest technology, even as the ever-growing field remains in constant change. We support instruction on all levels from Pre-K through Grade 8. We provide both formal computer instructions in our computer lab, as well as utilizing computers in the classroom. The lab students receive age appropriate lessons in productivity software; primarily Microsoft Office (Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint) and graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Desktop Publishing, web design, digital cameras, and scanners. In the classroom the teachers are encouraged to infuse their daily instruction with computers to both reinforce and enrich their lessons. Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and our Early Childhood program is one of the few with Smart Table technology.

Our air-conditioned lab is equipped with: 2 network servers, 27 Pentium III and higher computers; A high-speed networked laser printer; Flatbed scanner; nine Digital cameras, and an InFocus Multimedia projector for large screen projection from a computer work station. In addition to a wide range of installed and CD based educational software, each workstation is linked to the Internet through a high-speed, broadband DSL connection. Filtering out of inappropriate materials is handled by highly effective SonicWall hardware. Additionally, computer coding and robotics are included as part of the curriculum.  

In addition, Transfiguration Academy offers one of the only Engineering programs in the Archdiocese. Students utilize our ENTECH Lab (Engineering and Technology) to complete projects in which they utillize the practical application of the subjects they learn in the classroom.

Our students have competed in the Future City Engineering competition, and have won several awards including several Top Ten finishes in the New Jersey Region.

Our school adheres to the ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) Standards for Technology Literacy for Students as well as the ISTE Standards For Teachers and Administrators. In order to assure continual integration of technology into the curriculum, staff members are encouraged to pursue new technologies, by attending seminars, conferences and on-line instruction.

What are your School Computer Acceptable Use Policies?

Please click the  link .

Can you recommend on-line educational resources?

Links to Educational Resources

General Resources:

Bergen County Cooperative Library System

Access your child’s IXL account

Online practice in math, geography, world languages, science

Find or make your own electronic flashcards

Handwriting Practice

Typing Jungle


Early Learning Resources:  


Educational games


Elementary School Resources:

Find short articles for research

Educational games and videos (mostly math)

Dance Mat Typing


Middle School Resources:

Online Graphing Calculator

Coding and games

Typing .com